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"Memories" is my current 3D game personal project in which I am developing a demo within Unreal Engine4. The story follows Robert, in a dystopian world where humanity gets power through a chemical serum. Robert is an unwilling test-subject in Dr Watson's newest experiment with the serum, and the outcome of both characters is in the hands of the player. I am self-taught in Unreal.

The demo's development within Unreal is still in progress, though a lot of the base mechanics have been implemented now. I have created blueprints for light switches, drawer interactivity, a heads up display and more. Each model used within the demo has been made from scratch within 3DS Max, and imported into Unreal as .fbx's. The UV mapping is done within 3DS Max and texturing within both. 


My brief was to create a 3D environment fully textured and lit within my choice of software. The following images are taken from 3DS Max 2021, rendered using Arnold. 

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I worked predominantly within 3DS Max to create these assets, though I did use Unreal to get an overall feel of the dimensions and atmosphere during creation. I began by sketching out blueprints for the tavern, and created basic assets like the wood pillars and the floor before anything else. I rendered out the work several times in the process to experiment with how the light interacts with the textures I created and mapped.

Below are some work in progress shots and explanations of my process. 

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