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The following artworks are originals. I enjoy using both digital and traditional means of drawing. I use markers, fine liners and coloured pencils when drawing traditionally, and a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator using my Wacom Cintiq if I'm creating digitally.

Concept Sketches

For all of my projects, personal and professional, I'll create a variety of concept sketches beforehand. I'll often sketch environments, room layouts and experiment with colour schemes before doing any 3D modelling or texturing. Other times, I'll sketch characters or animals to assist me with animation.


I also create artworks for people on Etsy and Fiverr under the name "Em Does Doodles". My clients are often Twitch Streamers, and are usually looking for channel emotes, banners, logos or animated intros. 

I often send my clients a variety of simple sketches prior to working on a final piece so that I can more effectively meet the brief. 

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